I met Traci when I first got into the scene in 2014. She’s someone I hold in a special place within my spirit. She radiates an unparalleled energy that is just joyous as it is infectious. Both of us being photographers, sometimes we get together for little rendezvous. And these little adventures, never disappoint.

This was the first time I got to shoot her and her lover. It was, magic. Intimate. Playful. Raw. Sexy. Rowdy. I was giggling, drooling, and squee-ing the whole time. The normal field of energy Traci carries, was just lit aflame when she settled into her element with her lover. He was a magnifier. The energy was electrifying! Watching the eb and flow of the power exchange in such a primal fashion was glorious on all fronts. I can’t wait till our next adventure.

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