Goodness has life been BUSY! Forgive me while I catch up on sharing art and collaborations from the past few months! So many life changes. Moving across the city. Starting a full time job. Starting school (again). Losing 40 pounds on a radical health journey. It’s been mayhem. But, I’m finding my groove. And the stronger my roots become, the greater the itch to CREATE.

So much growth. So much chaos. So much love.

Here is a teaser of a steamy couples shoot. *drool*




So when I say I love this human, I mean that I was at her birth of her last child. She was at mine. I attended her wedding when I had the plague because I didn’t want to miss it. She is seriously one of the realest and funniest women I have in my close circle.

All that to say, when she contacted me with an unconventional (but brilliant!) boudoir theme around food, it was a hard fast YES. (Ok, who am I kidding? I’d take anyone up on food boudoir.) It quickly turned into this Victoria Secret Angel inspired dreamy food goodness.

Her wife adores how she looks when she’s stuffing her face! Ha! Thus, the Pizza+Cupcake+Tacos Boudoir shoot was born!

I participated in a kinky auction a few months back in which I donated a photoshoot to help raise funds for a fellow kinkster in the community.

I’m almost positive this shoot was bought for $5! Ha! They took a risk on a photographer they didn’t know, and we made some serious magic happen today.

Here are some sneak peeks.

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Trigger Warning: Stillbirth

It was my first one to photograph. (In the past, I have photographed a baby that passed shortly after arriving earth side.) When I see these things, there’s no question in my mind to stop what I’m doing, and go to the mothers side. I literally cannot imagine what they must be going through, and how priceless these photos will be to them.

The whole experience wrecked me. I was in such a dark place after I left the hospital. Continually falling down a dark hole. It was like fire eating up my spirit. I knew I needed an artistic release before it was too late. The very next day, a friend and I collaborated in a shoot that would allow the bulk of darkness to escape me.

I’ve held onto the images for this long without sharing, because I didn’t want to have to ask the parents if I could write about it. I didn’t want to reopen that wound. I’ve decided to keep all the details of the experience to myself, for now. And I’ll share someday perhaps, with their blessing.


I met Traci when I first got into the scene in 2014. She’s someone I hold in a special place within my spirit. She radiates an unparalleled energy that is just joyous as it is infectious. Both of us being photographers, sometimes we get together for little rendezvous. And these little adventures, never disappoint.

This was the first time I got to shoot her and her lover. It was, magic. Intimate. Playful. Raw. Sexy. Rowdy. I was giggling, drooling, and squee-ing the whole time. The normal field of energy Traci carries, was just lit aflame when she settled into her element with her lover. He was a magnifier. The energy was electrifying! Watching the eb and flow of the power exchange in such a primal fashion was glorious on all fronts. I can’t wait till our next adventure.

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Late Nights with Blue


“Late Nights with Blue” will be an ongoing project that will share snapshots of humanity. Sessions will be anywhere from “People You Should Know,” to someone sharing their trauma or personal experience about particular issues.
These sessions will be donation based and are my way of paying forward the revolutionary healing I’ve found from my own (Birth) trauma. I hope that the individuals who decide to share, will find connections and community from their vulnerability.

Because I have so much interest (even before I went public!), there will be a questionnaire to fill out to be put in line for these sessions.
Ideally, I would love to make these a part of my weekly routine, but I will not let the sessions interfere with my own self-care time. So if I need a break, it will happen. This whole project will eb and flow and breathe and grow and just organically go where it needs to go.

So my overall plan, you come over, you share what you are lead to share, and then we either shoot you after, or we put together a plan on how we will shoot you another day, or how I will shoot a model another day that is a manifestation of your story. My intentions are for all material to go on my blog, so because of that, it’s totally fine if you would like to remain anonymous.

Fill out the questionnaire HERE.

*There are no timelines for this project. It’s an ever evolving machine that will come to fruition as I have the time.

Topics include but are not limited to the following:

Abuse (Sexual, Physical, Mental, Emotional)
Body Modification
Body Shaming
Eating Disorders
Gender Identity
Invisible Illness (Crohns, RA, Lupus, etc. )
Mental Illness
Post Partum Depression
Sex Workers
Trauma ((in any form) Birth, Religious, Physical, etc.)

Hippie Love

I’ve had a vision growing in my head for over a year now. I wanted to photograph a nude pregnant mama in a lake. Originally I was thinking Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis would be the best bet. But, I found out that one of my favorite hippies lived only a few minutes from my local nudist resort! Thus, this shoot was born.

The end result was better than I planned! It went in an entirely different direction than I was expecting but I love it more than I could imagine. Instead of focusing on the nursing bond between mama and child, I caught so much more of that fiery electric love between mama and papa. The energy between them was just delicious and boastful. Watching them melt together made my heart squee with joy.


Thank you, sweet hippie friend and family, for being the vessel in which this dream could escape me.

A Postpartum Celebration Event

FRONT 4th trimester 5x7

The last time I hosted an event like this, I was struggling with infertility. I never knew if I would ever be able to have a child of my own. Yet, I craved capturing the miraculous bodies that do such magic to grow and bring forth and continue to sustain life. I wanted to celebrate women. Mothers. Along side their miracles.

Join me in celebrating motherhood!

I want to extend this invite to any woman who’s womb aches, just as mine did when I struggled with infertility. Bring your fur babies, your favorite house plant, I don’t care! Just come be you and let me love you.

I wanted this gift to reach as many tribe mamas as possible so I’m hosting at minimal cost just to cover studio rental. If this isn’t in the budget right now, please message me about sponsorship.


Looking for a rad doula or birth education or classes? Check out REBEL BIRTH! This event is taking place at their colorful studio.

Hope to see you there, mommies.

Love & Light,


BACK 4th trimester 5x7