Trigger Warning: Stillbirth

It was my first one to photograph. (In the past, I have photographed a baby that passed shortly after arriving earth side.) When I see these things, there’s no question in my mind to stop what I’m doing, and go to the mothers side. I literally cannot imagine what they must be going through, and how priceless these photos will be to them.

The whole experience wrecked me. I was in such a dark place after I left the hospital. Continually falling down a dark hole. It was like fire eating up my spirit. I knew I needed an artistic release before it was too late. The very next day, a friend and I collaborated in a shoot that would allow the bulk of darkness to escape me.

I’ve held onto the images for this long without sharing, because I didn’t want to have to ask the parents if I could write about it. I didn’t want to reopen that wound. I’ve decided to keep all the details of the experience to myself, for now. And I’ll share someday perhaps, with their blessing.


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